A.Scarlatti: La Giuditta
Interview Telemann Magdeburg
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Interview dhm


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Streaming Concert with La Stagione Frankfurt

Livestream concert with La Stagione Frankfurt & Michael Schneider

09/07/2020 | 8:15 p.m.
Under the direction of Michael Schneider, the orchestra "La Stagione Frankfurt" presents an extraordinary streaming concert with a selection of exquisite pieces from the Baroque period.
SPIEL RÄUME | La Stagione Frankfurt "a-live"  
will take place on Monday, 7.9.2020 at 8.15 p.m. in the St. Lawrence Church in Usingen, Germany and will be broadcast live. 
Instrumental music and arias from 
J.S. Bach | G. Fr. Handel | A. Scarlatti | J. G. Graun | among others 
With: Soprano Gabriele Hierdeis 
Tickets are available online from 18€ at the following link.
The concert will be available online for 7 days. 
We look forward to seeing you!
Video: Eugène Bozza "Interlude"


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New Project: Frankfurt Flute Forum

international masterclasses for flute music


technique – style – performance practice – interpretation – repertoire

For the newly founded Frankfurt Flute Forum three experienced flutists are joining into a team. Each musician covers a different aspect of flute playing but they understand themselves as a pedagogical and artistic team with common ideas about music making! With the Frankfurt Flute Forum they want to pass their extensive experience from uncountable years of professional flute playing and teaching to younger generations. The Frankfurt Flute Forum is preparing workshops and masterclasses in the Frankfurt am Main area under particular themes. Invited as participants are flute players: students of conservatories, orchestra members as well as other advanced players of recorder, baroque/classical traverso and modern flute.

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Beck in Schwetzingen
cd release
Telemann’s Grand Concertos Vol. 5
The press has spoken of »stylistically flawless and tonally beautiful interpretations« and »listening experiences continuing to echo in the ears.« And the works featured on Vol. 5 of our recording of Telemann’s concertos with mixed solo instruments (»avec plusieurs instruments«) once again display a high compositional level and Telemann’s frequently evoked »mixed style« with its manifold motivic shapes and extensive harmonic developments. The Divertimento TWV 50: 21 opening Vol. 5 of Telemann’s concertos for mixed instruments from the last years of his life is richly pervaded by signal motifs in the horns, some of them referring to real hunting signals from those times. Its mixture of elements, some of them highly introspective, while others are very modern, offers especially eloquent testimony to Telemann’s heterogeneous late style. The work known as the »Cricket Symphony,« surely presents what is an absolutely extravagant ensemble with two double basses concertizing right in the first movement, an Italian ritornello movement, with the winds in two long solo episodes. However, the use of the chalumeau and oboe and the combination (recommended by Telemann) featuring the »Traversiere l’ordinaire« and »cette à la octave« also lend this piece a very special »eccentric tonality.«

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New CD Box

Baroque Recorder Concertos – A Unique Anthology

Our unique anthology of Baroque flute concertos on six CDs contains not only our sensational collections featuring virtuoso recorder concertos of the German, Italian, and English Baroque but also the complete solo recorder concertos of Scarlatti, Vivaldi, and Georg Philipp Telemann. Telemann’s two so very different Concertos in F major and C major, for example, number among the most outstanding Baroque compositions of all for the recorder in a concerto role. Michael Schneider currently has no real rivals – worldwide – on his instrument. In his hands the recorder loses what so often limits its expressive capacity and gains a voice articulating all the musical facets. The complete eighteenth-century repertoire of recorder concertos – or most of it – is now available in performances by Schneider. Listening pleasure and astonishment are guaranteed for all!


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Just released:


Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
The Grand Concertos for several Instruments Vol.4
La Stagione Frankfurt, Michael Schneider
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New CD with Symphonies by C.Fr.Abel


La Stagione Frankfurt

dir. Michael Schneider


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New Web Site


New Web Site of my Orchestra:




Many thanks to the team of PRO PODIUM!


Helmstedt, Juleum


20.oo h

La Stagione Frabkfurt with the soloists Michael Schneider, Karl Kaiser and Sabine Bauer

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cd release
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
The Grand Concertos for Mixed Instruments Vol.3
Michael Schneider, La Stagione Frankfurt
Telemann at his Best Vol. 3
The press has acclaimed our Telemann edition’s »stylistically flawless and tonally beautiful interpretations« and »long-echoing listening experiences.« And the concertos forming the third and next-to-last volume of our recording of his concertos with mixed solo instruments again demonstrate not only his high compositional standards but also his frequently mentioned »mixed style« distinguished by multifaceted motivic designs and broadly sustained harmonic developments. The wealth of pithy thematic ideas and the extremely subtle motivic links developed in his concerto movements can hardly be described exhaustively. A masterpiece of special design has been transmitted to us in the three-movement Concerto in D major for Three Horns, Violin, Strings, Oboes, and Basso Continuo (TWV 54: D2). This composition is actually a double concerto for solo violin and solo horn to which two more horns have been added in the tutti segments. The horn trio also engages in »special operations«: the three brass instruments blare a hunting signal into the lively course of musical events toward the end of the opening movement and hold in store yet another surprise in the form of a three-part fanfare.
cd release
Kantate TWV 20:41 "Ino"
  • +Suite D-Dur TWV 55: D23
  • Artist: Ana Maria Labin, La Stagione Frankfurt, Michael Schneider
  • Label: DHM, DDD, 2014
  • Order number: 7333720
  • Release date: 17.7.2015


Barocknacht in Darmstadt-Kranichstein
CD Release
Woodcock: Concerti Nr. 2, 4,5, 8; Gavotte aus Concerto Nr. 6
+Baston: Flötenkonzert Nr. 3 G-Dur
+Babell: Concerti op. 3 Nr. 3 & 6; Concerto Nr. 2 D-Dur
+Dieupart: Flötenkonzert a-moll; Konzert A-Dur für Violine, Oboe, Streicher, Bc
  • Künstler: Michael Schneider, Cappella Academica Frankfurt
  • Label: CPO, DDD, 2013
  • Bestellnummer: 4111643
  • Erscheinungstermin: 22.6.2015

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Virtuoso Recorder Vol. 3

Following our two collections of virtuosic recorder concertos of the German and Italian Baroque (jpc 2655290 and jpc 1175295) – which, if we may say so ourselves, are to be termed nothing less than sensational – Michael Schneider now turns to Baroque England. For this epoch London can be termed the world capital of the recorder in more than one respect. London had outstanding virtuosos on this instrument such as James Paisible; moreover, recorder construction also reached a high point with two generations of the Stanesby family and with the French-born Peter Bressan. In London the recorder was played on every level both by dilettantes and professionals. In his CD selection Michael Schneider endeavors to be guided by two principles: his wish for the greatest possible tonal variety within this repertoire (therefore, by way of exception, also concertos for the transverse flute) as well as the quality of the individual pieces. His concertos are based on three anthologies by William Babell, Robert Woodcock, and John Baston, which have in common the use of »small flutes,« that is, recorders in the descant register, as well as what is repeatedly a clear affinity to the tonal idiom of George Frideric Handel, which in Babell and Woodcock can be traced to what are almost note-for-note citations. The works of Robert Woodcock stand out in particular. His concertos are most highly imaginative and in each case individually designed. (It is not without reason that one of his oboe concertos was long regarded as a work by Handel.)



Georg Philipp Telemann
The Grand Concertos for mixed instruments Vol. 2

Nur etwas mehr als ein halbes Jahr nach der ersten erscheint die zweite von vier geplanten Folgen der Konzerte für gemischte Besetzungen von Telemann mit La Stagione Frankfurt unter der Leitung von Michael Schneider. Wieder ist eine farbige Zusammenstellung verschiedenartiger solistischer Kombinationen gelungen, so dass während der einstündigen Spieldauer der CD keine Langeweile aufkommen kann – Telemann sei Dank und nicht zuletzt auch Dank seines durch jahrzehntelange Vertrautheit höchst kundigen Deuters Michael Schneider.

Die Vergleichsaufnahmen zu den Werken dieser CD eröffnen zugleich eine historische Übersicht über die Telemann-Diskographie der letzten 33 Jahre: Christopher Hogwoods Einspielung des Konzerts für 3 Trompeten TWV 54:D4 datiert als älteste Aufnahme von 1981. Zudem tritt Michael Schneider in der Konkurrenz auch gegen sich selbst an, hat er zwei Concerti bereits früher mit seiner Camerata Köln für die deutsche harmonia mundi aufgenommen, in TWV 52:a1 ist in beiden Fällen auch Rainer Zipperling sein Partner an der Gambe. Überdies spielt Schneider als Ensemblemitglied der Musica Antiqua Köln bei der Vergleichsaufnahme von TWV 54:B2 mit.

Bei Michael Schneider hat in den mehr als 20 Jahren zwischen seinen beiden Einspielungen keine bahnbrechende musikalische Veränderung, geschweige denn ein Paradigmenwechsel, stattgefunden – wozu auch kein Anlass bestand, hatte der Künstler schon 1991 als gereifte Persönlichkeit zu seinen künstlerischen Maximen gefunden, die seiner Wirksamkeit bis heute das Fundament bieten. Als Frucht der fortgeschrittenen Zeit mag man allerdings jetzt eine gelöstere Atmosphäre wahrnehmen, was dem Musizieren bei aller Sorgfalt und Intelligenz noch ein wenig mehr von dem Charme und der Eleganz verleiht, die Telemanns Musik in so unwiderstehlicher Weise auszeichnet. Leider enthüllt der Vergleich zwischen Alt und Neu auch, dass die Tontechnik damals ein ungleich differenzierteres räumliches Klangbild einfing, als das offensichtlich heute möglich oder gewollt ist – schleierhaft, wo die Gründe für die Eindimensionalität der Neuaufnahme liegen: Der koproduzierende Sender war damals wie heute die gleiche Anstalt.

Im Vergleich der beiden Einspielungen des Konzerts für zwei Blockflöten und zwei Oboen TWV 54:B2 (bei Musica Antiqua Köln war Schneider ja 1993 als Blockflötist beteiligt) zeigt sich besonders beim Presto ein ungeduldiges Vorwärtsdrängen bei der MAK, wo Schneider heute als Solist und Ensembleleiter auf eine solche leicht gereizte Stimmung völlig verzichten kann, ohne dass es dem Satz an Schwung und Energie fehlt.

Das Konzert mit der reizvollen Solistenkombination Trompete und Violine TWV 53:D5, bei La Stagione spielen Ingeborg Scherer die Sologeige und Hannes Rux die Trompete, ergibt sich neben der Aufnahme der Musica Antiqua mit Reinhard Goebel als Geiger und dem vorzüglichen Friedemann Immer an der Trompete noch die Vergleichsmöglichkeit mit dem französischen Ensemble Stradivaria mit Daniel Cuiller (Leitung und Violine) und Gilles Rapin (Trompete) als Solisten. Wieder drückt Musica Antiqua auf die Tube und rast im ersten Satz mit extra beschleunigten Stretta-Einlauf auf die letzte Note zu: Telemann als Formel-1-Erlebnis. Cuiller und Schneider geben den Solisten Gelegenheit zu lustvollem Dialog, besonders auch im festlichen Kehraus des abschließenden Allegros, Schneider besticht noch zusätzlich im Mittelsatz durch besonders liebevolle Gestaltung des stimmungsvollen Adagio.

Wer Christopher Hogwoods 1981 aufgenommene CD mit Doppel- und Tripelkonzerten von Telemann besitzt, wird anhand des Konzerts für drei Trompeten und Pauken TWV 54:D4 feststellen können, dass das Bess’re des Guten Feind ist – Schneiders schöne und festlich-freudige Interpretation ist ohne Fehl und Tadel, doch schon die gravitätische Feierlichkeit, mit der Hogwood das Stück beginnt, schlägt den Hörer unmittelbar in den Bann. Das nachfolgende Allegro dauert bei Hogwood 2 Minuten und 57 Sekunden gegenüber 2 Minuten und 19 Sekunden bei Schneider: Ein beachtlicher Tempounterschied, der Schneiders Schwung und Trompetenschall von Hogwoods überaus stimmiger Würde trennt. Dasselbe Wunder an perfekt angemessener Gravität gelingt Hogwood auch im abschließenden Presto, das trotz des schnellen Zeitmaßes doch etwas erheblich anderes darstellt als Schneiders fröhlich-funkelnder Abschluss dieses Konzerts.


Vergleichseinspielungen - TWV 53:D4: Camerata Köln, Schneider (deutsche harmonia mundi 88697568712, AD: 1991)

TWV 52:a1: New London Consort, Pickett (Dec 433043-2 AD: 1990); Camerata Köln, Schneider (deutsche harmonia mundi 88697568712, AD: 1991); Cappriccio Stravagante, Sempé (Paradizo PA 0002, AD: 2005); Le Concert des Nations, Savall (AVSA 9877, VÖ: 2010)

TWV 54:D4: Academy of Ancient Music, Hogwood (Dec 478002-2, AD: 1981)

TWV 54:B2: Musica Antiqua Köln, Goebel (DG Archiv 413788-2, AD: 1993)

TWV 53:D5: Ensemble Stradivaria, Cuiller (MIR 011, AD: 2005); Musica Antiqua Köln, Goebel (DG Archiv 419633-2, AD: 1986)

Detmar Huchting [22.05.2015] www.klassik-heute.com

CD Release

CD Release

Telemann: The Grand Concertos for Mixed Instruments

Michael Schneider & La Stagione Frankfurt

Telemann at His Best Vol. 2

As on Vol. 1, so too on Vol. 2 of Telemann’s concertos for mixed solo ensembles: it is to be assumed that the composer wrote them either as festive opening pieces for vocal works or as showpieces for particular instrumental virtuosos or ensembles. Once again the concertos exhibit high compositional quality and Telemann’s frequently cited »mixed style« in their wealth of motivic shapes and widely spanned harmonic developments. Here the interpreters are once again our expert Telemann project advocates: Michael Schneider with the soloists and musicians of La Stagione! »Performed with great variety and magic. A new Telemann series promising magnificent musical highlights and truly giving us pleasure« (klassik. com 12 / 2014 of Vol. 1).


available at  jpc.de

Cd production

New Carl Friedrich Abel - CD with Michael Schneider and La Stagione Frankfurt!

The Symphonies op. 7 are going to be produced in march 2015 and will probably be available this year at www.jpc.de



Bürgerkapitänsmusiken (1736/1780)

von G.P.Telemann und C.P.E.Bach

  • Label: DHM, DDD, 2013
  • Bestellnummer: 5876060


Kateryna Kasper, Jasmin Maria Hörner, Christian Zenker,

La Stagione Frankfurt,

Leitung Michael Schneider


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CD Release

Telemann at his Best: The Group Concertos

Following its dazzling, standard-setting complete recording of Telemann’s wind concertos on eight CDs, La Stagione is now releasing a new CD marking the beginning of a new series (on four CDs) dedicated to the same composer’s concertos for mixed ensembles and thus taking us to the very heart of his oeuvre. Concertizing by instrumental formations against the backdrop of an accompanying string orchestra evidently most greatly stirred Telemann’s compositional imagination and – like Bach in his Brandenburg Concertos – inspired him to produce all sorts of different playing types. Here the term »mixed style« often associated with Telemann unfolds in all its colorful glory. French elegance, Italian brilliance, German erudition, and Polish-Hanakian wildness – all of this is found in these late baroque performance gems often enough already opening the door to the Age of Sensibility and the Sturm und Drang. There could be no better and more knowledgeable advocates for this project than Michael Schneider with the soloists and musicians of La Stagione!

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CD Release

New release:

Camerata Köln:

Chamber Music by C.P.E.Bach

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Baroque Week at Musikhochschule in Frankfurt

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Last performance in 2014:

Sa  31.05.2014 19:30h

at Staatstheater Braunschweig, Großes Haus


Dramma per musica in drei Akten von Antonio Vivaldi

(further representations in 2015)

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cd production

Mission accomplished: Telemann wind concertos! 12 CDs recorded between 2005 and 2014.

recorder masterclass Michael Schneider


Karlsruhe, Germany

Period of time: 18th – 23rd February 2014


Course theme:

Sonatas and Suites for recorder and Bc from G. F. Händel, James Paisible, Daniel Purcell, Godfrey Finger, Charles Dieupart, Andrew Parcham


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New CDs


Soon to be released:

Virtuoso Recorder Concertos Vol 3: Baroque Concertos from England

Michael Schneider, Cappella Academica (Petra Müllejans)



recording session at DLF
cd release

soon to be released  -  27.5.2013

Michael Schneider - The Virtuoso Recorder Vol.2 (Concertos of the Italian Baroque)

Sammartini: Concerto F major for recorder, strings, Bc
+Fiorenza: Concerto a minor for recorder, 2 violins, Bc
+Mancini: Concerto g minor for recorder, 2 violins, viola, Bc
+Montanari / Händel: concerto B flat major for recorder, 2 violins, Bc
+Hasse: Sonata B flat major for recorder & Bc
+Tartini: Concerto F major for recorder, 2 violins, Bc
+Vinci: Concerto a minor for recorder, violin, Bc
+Piani: Sonata e minor for recorder & Bc


"Following our collection of German baroque virtuosic recorder concertos two years ago, a release to be described as nothing other than sensational. Michael Schneider now turns to baroque Italy. Here too there were centers such as Venice (especially at the Ospedale della Pietà with Vivaldi) and Naples where the recorder was played on a high level. On his latest production Schneider shows just what wonderful recorder discoveries can be made in Italy in addition to Vivaldi’s works, which he has also presented on cpo. Various collections from Italian libraries and private inventories facilitate the treasure hunt, with works by Nicola Fiorenza, Francesco Mancini, and Antonio Piani coming to light. The Concerto in F major by Giuseppe Sammartini for soprano recorder is a classic of the literature, a genuinely magnificent concerto for this flute type often dismissed as a school instrument. The great violin virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini offers a true find with his Concertino, recorded here for the first time." - JPC

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new recording project just started


Michael Schneider is just now preparing a new cd series:

G.P.Telemann's concertos for several instruments


M.S. will conduct La Stagione Frankfurt with the soloists

Ingeborg Scheerer and Annette Wehnert (violins),

Swantje Hoffmann (viola d'amore),

Rainer Zipperling (viola da gamba),

Juris Teichmanis (cello),

Karl Kaiser and Michael Schneider (flutes),

Luise Baumgartl and Martin Stadler (oboes).


The recording will take place at the DLF in Cologne, once again for the label cpo.

Telemann Competition Magdeburg

7. Internationaler Telemann-Wettbewerb

Competition for Chamber Music Ensembles
Magdeburg, 10.-17. März 2013



Prof. Jesper Bøje Christensen, Vorsitz (Dänemark / Schweiz)
Prof. Michael Schneider (Deutschland)
Prof. Carin van Heerden (Südafrika / Österreich)
Prof. Anton Steck (Deutschland)
Prof. Vittorio Ghielmi (Italien)


Prof. Siegfried Pank (Deutschland)
Telemann-Gesellschaft e.V. (Internationale Vereinigung)


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applications HfMDK

Final date for applications WS 2013/14




for more information see the website of the HfMDK Frankfurt



Lukas Dziambor made this website - you may find his own homepage here

CD Release

Gaspard Fritz (1716 - 1783)

Symphonies op.1 Nr.5 & 6;op.6 Nr.3,5,6

La Stagione Frankfurt, Michael Schneider


A Master from Geneva

What do we know about the Swiss music world of the eighteenth century? Well, in most cases, next to nothing; but, as often, Charles Burney, the European traveler in things musical, holds new discoveries in store. When he visited Geneva, he met Gaspard Fritz: » M. Fritz, a good composer, and excellent performer on the violin, is still living; he has resided here near thirty years, and is well known to all the English lovers of music who have visited Geneva during that time.« Apart from his study years in Turin with Giovanni Battista Somis, who was also Leclair’s teacher, Fritz hardly left his native Geneva. It was also in Geneva that Fritz served from 1738 to 1745 as the music director of a group of young English nobles who had come together there for the purposes of study. Fritz was also a gifted violinist who continued to perform as a soloist into his older years. His music is Sturm und Drang, Storm and Stress, at his finest, full of power, and on the same high level as the Mannheim School. A genuine discovery!

CD Release

Conclusion of a Grand Concerto Edition

The six concerto gems on the eighth and last CD of our complete recording of Telemann’s wind concertos once again display a great many different ensemble groupings (and often unusual ones), concerto procedures, and forms as well as some broadly dimensioned works. Prof. Wolfgang Hirschmann, the author of our booklet text, writes: »Held together by the gravitational center of a firmly delineated, clearly recognizable style, Telemann’s concertos develop a cosmos of the most finely sensitive music, and delving into it most richly rewards listeners even today and at the same time enables them to experience why it was that Telemann was regarded by his contemporaries simply as ‘Megalander‘ (Johann Mattheson), as a ‘grand man,‘ as a towering musical personality.« We also have Prof. Hirschmann to thank for the inclusion of a list ordering all the concertos presented on the eight CDs according to the instruments employed and indicating their keys, TWV numbers, and CD and track numbers.

CD review

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