Conductor, flutist, teacher, author



Since nowadays about 35 years Michael Schneider is considered as one of the most versatile musicians in the field of historical performance practice:


Recorder-virtuoso (winner of the International Music Competition of the ARD Munich 1978)


Member of the chamber music group CAMERATA KÖLN (founded 1979) as player of recorder and transverse flute.


Conductor and artistic leader of his own orchestra with period-instruments “La Stagione Frankfurt” (established 1988)


Guest conductor of „modern“ symphonic orchestras and other baroque -orchestras


Professor and head of the department for Early Music at the “ Hochschule f. Musik und Dstd. Kunst Frankfurt/M.“


Author of specific articles and reviews about topics concerning Early Music and espcially flute-playing and flute-repertoire.

Co-Editor of the woodwind-magazine “tibia” (Moeck-Verlag)



The following pages invite you to get more information about him and his activities.